Forum international „Métamorphose et Catastrophe“

From the UTCP University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy’s blog

25 November, 2013

We co-organized an international symposium “Metamorphosis and Catastrophe” at Sofia University, Bulgaria (from October 31 to November 2, 2013). The symposium was organized by Profs. Boyan Manchev (New Bulgarian University), Darin Tenev (Sofia University) and Yasuo Kobayashi (University of Tokyo). Around fifteen participants joined from Tokyo, Paris and Sofia. Има още

Modeling the Potentiality of the Literary Image

logo_lit.formenOn July 2, 2014 Darin Tenev presented a paper on “Modeling the Potentiality of the Literary Image” at the Graduate College in the Westfällische Wilhelms Universität Münster. The paper was a follow-up to the most recent of a series of international workshops initiated by Robert Matthias Erdbeer, Ivan Popov and Darin Tenev and organized by the Departments of Literary Theory and of German Studies in the University of Sofia and the “Literarische Form” Graduate College in the Westfällische Wilhelms Universität Münster. The goal of this on-going project is to outline a new literary theory of models that could account for the generation and development of literary forms, and also for the history of literary criticism (in other words, to account for the very possibility of different readings and the effect these readings have had on literature). For a more detailed account of the work so far see WORKSHOPS ON LITERARY THEORY OF MODELS.