Pandora’s Daughters

As of yet, ON THE BLIND SPOT authors have been Alain Brossat (PLEBS INVICTA), Maurizio Lazzarato (The Making of the Indebted Man), and Giovanni Leghissa (Verfirmung der Gesellschaft/Incorporating Society). The series will continue in 2016 with its fourth edition called Pandora’s Daughters in collaboration with philosopher Boyan Manchev

International Forum “Truth and Sophistry”

Sofia Literary Theory Seminar (SLS)
University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

truth-and-sophistryInternational Forum “Truth and Sophistry”

Place: New Conference Room, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, SofiaTime: 14.03- 15.03.2016

The forum is open to the public. See below the detailed program.
Working language: English

Място: Нова конферентна зала (Огледаланата зала), Софийски университет
Време: 14 – 15 март 2016 г.


Форумът е отворен. Виж по-долу подробната програма.
Работен език: английски

Международният форум „Истина и софистика“ ще се състои на 14-ти и 15-ти март в Нова конферентна зала на Софийски университет. Форумът продължава философските срещи, организирани от Центъра по философия към Токийския университет (UTCP) и Софийския литературоведски семинар (СЛС), през 2013г. върху „Метаморфоза и катастрофа“ и през 2015 върху „Възвишеното и das Unheimliche“ (март 2015 г., София) и върху „Литературните фигури“(декември 2015, Токио). Тази година форумът ще се провежда в два модула – симпозиум, който в свободен разговор ще обсъжда темата за истината и маските на истината през диалога на Платон „Софист“ и трактата на Лонгин „За възвишеното“. Вторият модул включва две публични лекции, които ще повдигнат отново въпроса „що е философия“. Заповядайте, да чуете Коичиро Кокубун, „Косвената реч във философията – методът на Жил Дельоз“ на 14 март 2016 г. от 18 часа и Боян Манчев, „Преобръщане на времето. Глава първа“ на 15 март 2016 г. от 18 часа.

● 14th March, 14-16 h symposium on Longinus “On the Sublime“, introduction by Futoshi Hoshino
● 14th March, 18-20 h lecture by Koichiro Kokubun “Free Indirect Speech in Philosophy – The Method of Gilles Deleuze”

● 15th March, 14-16 h symposium on Plato “Sophist“, introduction by Kamelia Spassova
● 15th March, 18-20 h lecture by Boyan Manchev “The Reversal of Time. Chapter One.”

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Boyan Manchev: Philosophy of Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis of Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Boyan Manchev
Philosophy of Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis of Philosophy

manchevLecture and seminar in English, 1,5 SWS, 1 resp. 2 ECTS credit points
lectures: 13.1., 20.1., 27.1., 10.2.2016, 6-8 pm (starts without academic quarter, no breaks), HZT studio 8
seminar: 14.1., 21.1., 28.1., 11.2.2016, 10-12 am
(starts without academic quarter, no breaks), HZT studio 8

In my books I am articulating metamorphosis as ontological concept as well as a critical instrument for reflexive intervention in the ‘ontology of the actuality’. The series of four lectures, accompanied by seminars, will propose a concise and experimental version of my philosophical proposals on the figure and the concept of metamorphosis, in direct connection to important tendencies in contemporary art, with special attention to contemporary dance and performance. Има още


Revue Lignes n°48

Les attentats en France, en Europe : quelle situation nouvelle créent-ils pour la pensée ? Laquelle pour la mondialisation ? Laquelle pour ce qui s’oppose (pour le capitalisme et l’anti-capitalisme) ? L’évidence est que les anciennes oppositions, justes au demeurant, n’y suffisent pas. Qui doivent être repensées.

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Collège International de Philosophie

Strasbourg, 18-20 novembre 2015

2015_11_04_Colloque_NancyINTColloque organisé par le le Collège international de Philosophie et le Centre de recherches en philosophie allemande et contemporaine (CREPHAC) de l’Université de Strasbourg et , avec la participation de l’Université de Strasbourg, de la librairie Kléber, du Centre Emmanuel Mounier, de l’Ambassade de France en Allemagne, de la Ville et de la Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg. Има още

Boyan Manchev, Seminar at CARPA4, Helsinki


CARPAN LOGO_1The Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts CARPA4 brought together 70 experts in their fields from 13 different countries to the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki on 10 – 13 June, 2015. Colloquiums theme was The Non-Human and the Inhuman in Performing Arts – Bodies, Organisms and Objects in Conflict.

CARPA4 observed critically anthropocentrism in performing arts and wondered the meaning of objects and non-human extent in arts and artistic research. The theme was approached from different perspectives by the colloquium’s keynote speakers Professors Peta Tait, Timothy Morton, and Boyan Manchev.

CARPA is a biennual international colloquium that focuses on performance art and artistic research. The colloquium is organised by the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Proceedings of CARPA4, including articles from the accepted presentations, will be published in NIVEL – an open access web publication, by December 2015. We are happy to include different types of papers, presentations and workshop reports including images, video and audio clips in these proceedings of the colloquium.

CARPA4 was supported by Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta / Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.


Professor Peta Tait FAHA, La Trobe University, Australia

Professor Timothy Morton, Rice University, USA

Professor Boyan Manchev, New Bulgarian University
Program for Inhuman Theater, or The Monstrous Desire of the Things

[Report] International Forum “The Sublime and the Uncanny” (2)

Originally posted on the blog of University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

Hisato Kuriwaki (UTCP)


What is a “center?” Here, let us think not about the relationship between a point, a line, and a plane, which people often talk about, but rather about the relationship between a point, a line, and a circle. If you have two points, you can draw a line between them. And if you fix one point and rotate the other around it, a circle would appear. Then, what looks like a circle at first sight may in fact only be a point. The “center” is essentially the central point of a circle. The location of this point shifts incessantly, according to which the circle continues to transform or to “metamorphose.”

In March 2015, I participated in the international forum “The Sublime and the Uncanny” co-organized by the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP), the Sofia Literary Theory Seminar (SLS) and the Cultural Centre of Sofia University – there are at least two “centers” here. The academic exchange between UTCP and Sofia University had already started in 2013 with the international symposium “Metamorphosis and Catastrophe,” but I imagine the two exchanges held by the two centers – the two points – have different characteristics. For example, we can compare the two organizers from UTCP: Prof. Yasuo Kobayashi who organized the first exchange and who has retired from the University of Tokyo this spring, and Dr. Futoshi Hoshino, organizer of the second forum, who is more than thirty years younger than Prof. Kobayashi. This year’s forum has been realized by young scholars, and thanks to the atmosphere created by this younger generation, I, as a PhD student, was able to participate in it without any hesitations. Има още