Maria Kalinova



Maria Kalinova is a senior assistant of Literary Theory at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 2011, she received her PhD from the same university. Based on her dissertation, Maria Kalinova wrote her book Infancy and Intellectual History in Bulgarian Revival Authors (2012). She is an author of articles on the topic of literary theory, epistolary culture, as well as critical essays on the contemporary Bulgarian literature. Since 2009 she is an editor and host of issues of Literary Newspaper.

Maria Kalinova’s humanitarian interests are provoked by the interventions, the practical resources and the place of rebellion that construct both of the most influential intellectual communities which are in contrast to the era of Bulgarian totalitarianism – on the one hand, this is the „Invisible School” of Miroslav Yanakiev, Nikola Georgiev, Radosvet Kolarov and their radical refusal to reproduce the stereotypes and the „grammar“ of academic knowledge from the 60s, on the other hand, this is the context of seminar discussions and the language projects of the theorists of the 80s – Miglena Nikolchina, Vladislav Todorov, Alexander Kiossev, Kalin Yanakiev and others.

The postmodern critique of Boyko Penchev, the political anthropology of Boyan Manchev and the interrogation in their research on the use of antimodern discourses in the XIX and XX century have an influence on Maria Kalinova’s  interest in the trans-historical image of Bulgarian intellectuals. Since 2007, of important significance for the activities of Maria Kalinova with literary theory  is her communication with Vasil Vidinsky, Enyo Stoyanov, Darin Tenev and the joint experimental project „Dualis“ with Kamelia Spasova- writing and creating texts in co-authorship. The total project with Kamelia Spassova is inspired by the logic of the grammatical count, which is typical of Slavic languages – “dualis”, which complements the “singular” and the “plural” form.

The idea of withholding double reference in the language of theory and the application of the event in the gap (the lack) between two statements is inspired by the theory of Freud, Lacan, Vernant, Lyotard, Badiou, Zupancic and Dollar. The current research of Maria Kalinova is connected with the problems of negativity, the structural relationship between contradiction and change (negation and metamorphosis) after Heraclitus, the aesthetic category uncanny, as well as the logic of dissent in language and literature.



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