Darin Tenev, „Possibility and Negativity“

Dr. Darin Tenev will present his research proposal on the topic „Possibility and Negativity“
on 24 January 2013 (Thursday) at 16:30h at CAS Conference Room.

The focal point of the present research project is the problem of the relation of possibility to negativity.

Negativity has been linked to possibility ever since Aristotle. In Physics he even states that the problem of steresis, or privation, is another way to describe the problem of dunamis. The very definition of dynamis (possibility, force, power, potentiality, virtuality) in Metaphysics as “a source of movement or change, which is in another thing than the thing moved or in the same thing qua other” (V, 12, 1019a:15-17) introduces the other as constitutive of possibility as possibility precisely because it is an irruption in the given, in what is actual. Има още