Boyan Manchev, „The New Arachne…“

Boyan Manchev

The New Arachne: Biopolitics and Techniques of Life

15.12.2012 | 14 h

In the lecture I will connect the issue of subjectivity to the tension between body and technique. I will discuss the biopolitical conditions of modern subject, while trying to think the possibility of its emancipation from these conditions.

The question of biopolitics, inherited from Foucault, will be related here to the crucial notion of technique (of body), where technique will be understood as immanent quality of life itself. From that perspective, the mythical figure of Arachne, as discussed in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, appears as a striking metaphor of the actual destiny of the body of the subject, which “implodes” in itself giving at the same time birth of a new technical being. Arachne as the first Political Weaver.


Weaving Politics

Second  day of WEAVING POLITICS on December 15th 2012, presented lectures by Felicia McCarren, Susane Franco, Mattias Gardell, Irit Rogoff, Boyan Manchev, André Lepecki as well as a keynote lecture by Kendall Thomas and round table discussion between William Forsythe, Kendall Thomas, Mark Franko and Daniel Birnbaum.

Respondents and moderators: Lena Hammergren, Per Nilsson, Sven-Olov Wallenstein and Ingrid Elam.